Digtal Air Fryer

GAF5424 is a Kitchen appliances equipment under the brand Geepas electronic.

Product Features

  • Oil Free : Yes
  • Multi functional: stir frying - oil less fry-roast-bake
  • BBQ-grill-broil-etc
  • Quick cooking: fry chips in 15-20mins-roast 2kgs chicken in 15mins
  • Even cooking: turbo air & food rotating ensure even cooking. 3D heating
  • Healthy cooking: fat & oil free
  • Easy cooking: set time&temp-then air fryer does all
  • Perfect cooking: foods become crispy outside-and juicy inside
  • We can see through the whole cooking from all sides
  • Easy clean-detachable bowl for easy-clean
  • Patented turbo air guidance from top to the food
  • Double safety settings-GS-A13 approved
  • Friendly digital control-
  • 6 one-touch programs
  • AC:220-240V 50/60Hz 1100-1300W 65-250 C

Product Support

Please call us at 800-433727 or any of the telephone numbers listed in the Contact page and our personnel would happily assist you.

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