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GEEPAS Rechargeable Fan – GF989 launched in Great Festive Spirits!

Geepas Rechargeable Fan - GF989 has been launched at Grand Finale of GEEPAS Big Carnival of Games 2016!


GEEPAS, the flagship brand of Western International Group, has always been a trend-setter and in Great Festive Spirits, they have launched a brand new Rechargeable Fan - GF989 at the Grand Finale of ‘GEEPAS Big Carnival of Games 2016’, held at Al Salam Living City, Abudhabi. The event is a one-of-a-kind where blue collar workers across all the major labor camps in UAE got the opportunity to engage in exciting games and win prizes.

The GEEPAS Rechargeable Fan - GF989 has many unique features to call its own. With summer already here and the temperatures hiking up, the new Fan comes with attractive varying features – 40 hours of continuous working, high wind speed and with a built-in attached LED lamp. The product is of outstanding quality, using the best in technology and performance. Keeping the current styles and tastes in mind, the new GEEPAS Rechargeable Fan is impeccable when it comes to stylish designs, with a sleek admirable body that is durable – built to last under the most vigorous conditions. There are also four options of visually stunning colors to choose from – customers have the option to choose from Red, Blue, Black and Pink colors as per their preferences and appeal. The sturdy and strong GEEPAS rechargeable Fan - GF989 is an ideal product to own especially for this peak summer season. To emphasize, the new Fan comes with exceptional battery backup and superior performance making it a very durable product to be used in the most challenging situations.

GEEPAS has improved the lives of millions of people around the world and this new innovation will create a new direction in the industry. With much excitement and thrill, the new GEEPAS Rechargeable Fan -GF989 was launched at GEEPAS Big Carnival of Games 2016 Grand Finale amidst a crowd of more than 15,000 people. The event started on 17th March 2016, and conducted 26 Mini Carnivals in 26 Labor Camps all across UAE. Workers were put into grueling competitions in games like Volleyball, Chess, Caroms, Arm wrestling amongst others. Winners from these mini carnivals were then filtered and taken to the Grand Finale where the finest battled amongst each other to take home accolades and mega bumper prizes. This was the ideal platform for GEEPAS to launch the Rechargeable Fan as it connected to our core customer, that is the hard-working laborers who would find the product the most useful and effective to use. The initiative was to connect with these individuals on a personal level and make the launch a successful one by holding their hands together.

Mr. Nizar T.N, Director of Operations, Western International Group, parent company of GEEPAS said, ‘We have made a big impact by launching this special GEEPAS Rechargeable Fan GF989 with our consumers. By launching the fan at the Grand Finale, we have received love and support from all our loyal core consumers from the Labor Camp, and we have understood how important we are in making their lives better’.

GEEPAS is known for its innovative product range and modern strategies with excellent use of technology, and this new innovation does not fail to impress. Crowned as a Superbrand for two consecutive years, GEEPAS is gaining popularity for its reliable and quality products at cost-effective pricing and is now one of the most prominent names in the electronics world.

GEEPAS is a part of Western International Group and has one of the world’s largest Electronics product portfolio with over 1500 products in Entertainment products, Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Lighting Products and Personal Care Gadgets. Geepas thrives on its phenomenal After Sales Service, with an extraordinary 3 day Service Turnaround time period, virtually overshadowing every other brand in the world. Currently available in more than 86 countries across the globe, the extensive range of deliverables of GEEPAS products cater to 360 degree requirements of a household.