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GEEPAS launches Dark Buster, the most powerful Emergency Lantern in the world

With 200 hours of battery life, and 48 LEDs, the Dark Buster breaks all records by being the most powerful Emergency lantern in the market

GEEPAS, the flagship brand of Western International Group, adds another innovation to its esteemed line of products – the Dark Buster. The new Emergency lantern is set to create ripples in the market by undoubtedly being the most powerful Emergency lantern in the world.

GEEPAS has lightened up homes & improved lives of millions of people around the world, and the Dark Buster is here to set a benchmark by solving key concerns of an Emergency lantern user. The Dark Buster is locked & loaded with 48 Mega Luminous Intensity White LEDs, supported by strong electroplated reflectors, making it the brightest Emergency Lantern in the world. All other emergency lamps in the market currently have a range of 15 - 24 LEDs, which are incomparable to the Dark Buster’s power-packed super bright 48 LEDs. The Dark Buster is the first Emergency lantern in the market that comes with an extended battery life running up to an astounding 200 hours in a single charge. With an energy efficient design and an automatic lighting option during power failure, the Dark Buster is also protected by a firm unbreakable polycarbonate glass.

GEEPAS is known for embracing technology in its best form, outstanding product durability & performance. The Dark Buster is yet another impressive innovation that holds the claim to be the best & most powerful Emergency Lantern in the history of lighting. “We don’t want to just make our customers happy, we want them to have the best and make sure their needs are taken care of. With an extended battery life of 200 hours, the Dark Buster ensures complete light support to our customer in every situation and lasts for days. We are all about practical innovation that brings meaning to our loyal customers around the globe.”, said Nizar T.N. , Director of Operations, Western International Group.

Recently crowned as a Superbrand, GEEPAS is popular for its reliable & quality products at cost-effective pricing, and is now one of the most prominent names in the world of Electronics. The Dark Buster promises to be a best seller, a trend setter in the market, and will be available across all leading hypermarkets & retailers.

GEEPAS is a part of Western International Group and has one of the world’s largest Electronics product portfolios with over 1500 products in Entertainment Products, Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Lighting Devices & Personal Care Gadgets. Geepas thrives on its phenomenal After-Sales service, with an extraordinary 3 day service turnaround time period, virtually overshadowing every other brand in the world.