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Geepas, the flagship brand of Western International Group,  introduces the Geepas Moonwalker – the world’s lightest & most powerful range of flashlights. This new innovation has various cutting-edge features to call its own.  This new series of flashlights aims to make flashlights more portable and durable, lasting much longer with superior quality & performance.

Geepas has lightened up the lives of millions of people around the world and its new Moonwalker series, looks forward to create a new direction in the flashlight industry. The Moonwalker uses a special LIB Technology using Lithium-Ion batteries that provides 3 times longer battery life and due to this the flashlight becomes completely weightless making it only as heavy as one-third of the weight of standard flashlights in the market. Its light-weight strong unbreakable body and heavy-duty power light offers more brightness and makes it the perfect tool for an all-user, be it at home or while travelling. Also, a built-in Universal Charging Port makes the Moonwalker highly convenient, reliable & user-friendly.

Geepas is known for its innovative product range and modern strategies with excellent use of technology, and this new innovation does not fail to impress. ‘Geepas is now taking on challenges, and with over 1500 products in our range across multiple categories, we decided to now offer our customers a taste of something new & unique, while adding higher value to the customer’s use. The ‘Moonwalker’ is our first step in this new direction, and there will soon be many more such innovations’. Said Nizar.T.N, Director of Operations, Western International Group.

Geepas has introduced the Moonwalker series of flashlights in two sizes. Along with strong battery backup and longer life, the flashlight also has battery level indicator that blinks red when in need of charge, and green when fully charged. The strong unbreakable front glass makes the Moonwalker break-free when dropped from heights or hit with force.

Recently crowned as a Superbrand, Geepas is gaining popularity for its reliable & quality products at cost-effective pricing, and is now one of the most prominent names in the world. Widely revered for their quality and reliability, Geepas Moonwalker is a cutting-edge innovation that is sure to set it a class apart from the rest, and promises to be a best-seller amongst the clutter available in the market today.

GEEPAS is a part of Western International Group and has one of the world’s largest Electronics product portfolio with over 1500 products in Entertainment products, Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Lighting Products and Personal Care Gadgets. Geepas thrives on its phenomenal After Sales Service, with an extraordinary 3 day Service Turnaround time period, virtually overshadowing every other brand in the world. Geepas could be one of the few brands in the world which has retained its customers with figures showing up to 74.3% of its customers having purchased more than 3 or more products from its brand stable.